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Why you should choose a roller skate manufacturer

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Inline Skates vs Inline Skates – Which Is Better?
Skating is all about having fun – so whether it’s roller skating, inline skating or skateboarding, you’re always better off picking whichever you like best. While we think both are great ways to get outdoors, you may have a preference for your style of skating! Roller skates have a wider wheelbase, so some people find it more stable during practice. Others feel that the longer wheelbase of inline skates also helps when they start learning. They’re all pretty fun, so we recommend picking the one that suits you best!


What are inline skates?
“Inline skates” is another name for roller skates. Just like you might see at a skate park or on the street – the wheels of an inline skate are all lined up right under the rider’s feet.
How do roller skates work?
Roller skates have bottom plates that support front and rear hangers – much like smaller versions of skateboards. This soleplate and hanger assembly has polyurethane bushings that allow your skates to turn when you tilt your foot, and you can tighten or loosen them to suit the way you skate.




How do you use inline skates?
Learning to wear inline skates can feel tricky at first, but with some time and persistence, you’ll master the basics sooner than you think! The trick is to focus on building a solid skill base before moving on to more advanced moves. Focus on getting around and maintaining your balance to get started and build confidence.
Are inline skates easier to slip in than quad skates?
Learning to inline or inline skating takes time – but the learning process for each style looks slightly different. Some people find it easier to skate comfortably at slightly faster speeds with inline skates with a longer wheelbase, while others find the side-by-side stability of quad skates helpful at first. They’re all pretty fun, so we recommend picking the one that suits you best!
What size inline skates should I buy?
The Jia Yue Sports is designed to fit most foot shapes and can be adjusted with its laces and buckle system for your perfect fit. You can follow us to find the perfect size for you.

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