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Which inline skating heel is easier with four-wheeled roller skating shoes?

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Many roller skaters want to know which is easier to master, inline skating or four-wheel skating. It is surprising that whether young or old, the speed of using inline skates is much faster than that of traditional four-wheel skates. Is this true and why?




1. Why are inline skates faster than four-wheel skates?

Many people, men and women, young and old, wear inline skates much faster than traditional four-wheel skates. It’s because some inline skates can tighten the feet and ankles. Such shoes can provide a lot of rigid support for your feet and your ankles. The wheels extend forward and backward, which helps balance the skater’s forward and backward momentum. Longer wheelbases and larger and thinner wheels are also less sensitive to slight surface irregularities and cracks in outdoor activities. If you simply use it as a personal transportation, group fun, low-impact fitness or scenic outdoor skating, it may be easier to use and more practical. On the other hand, novices may find that the wide wheelbase provided by traditional four-wheel skates can help them overcome the fear of lateral stability.

2. Choose shoes that you feel comfortable with

If you are a beginner and do not consider the goals of skating and training, you can choose to learn their comfort zone on the basis of leisure in traditional indoor shoes. These beginners have similar skills and can transfer to any skating sport they ultimately choose. Most skating rink programs also allow the use of inline skates in beginner courses.

3. Choose to buy inline skates or four-wheel skates-which of the two shoes is more suitable for me?

Both shoes require balance, strength and endurance, and the degree of perceived difficulty varies from person to person. If you have a clear goal and want to play different tricks, please choose the roller skates that suit you. Try not to worry about what is easier, the easiest for you is the one you will have the happiest.


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