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Teach you how to find your own speed skating shoes

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Are you also looking for speed skates? How to choose your own speed skating shoes?
What are speed skating shoes
A speed skate is a type of skate designed to get the skater moving quickly. They have a low-top ankle boot that offers a wider range of motion than high-top skates. The speed skates we sell also come with wheels and bearings that are designed for slippery surfaces, allowing skaters to move fast. Speed ​​roller skates are commonly used at indoor ice rinks.



Most of the body of the speed roller skates is made of glass fiber or carbon fiber, mainly to reduce weight and provide good support. In addition to support, flexibility is also required, so the design of the shoe shaft of speed shoes is the lowest among all types of skates. However, because the shoe body is hard, many people are not used to wearing it, and even suffer from foot pain or blisters. This is because the position of each person’s ankle is different and the shoes they buy do not fit very well.

Another feature of the wheels for speed shoes is that the shape is relatively flat and pointed, which is designed to reduce the friction with the ground.




When practicing roller skating, if you are about to fall, how can you protect yourself?
Learning roller skating, wrestling injury is inevitable, our coach said, wrestling is to improve, prove that you have achieved the limit of this action. When you find yourself falling soon, try to roll forward as much as possible to reduce friction between your body and the ground. At the same time, remember to hold the ground with your hands first, and then roll forward, so that the degree of injury is minimal.

How to choose shoes for speed skating?
The number of speed skates wheels varies, with 3 wheels and 4 wheels; the diameter of the wheels is also distinguished, with 100 mm and 110 mm. Generally speaking, the configuration of wheels and 3 wheels with a diameter of 100 mm is suitable for the age group of 8-15 years old and below to practice, and the shoes with a diameter of 110 mm are suitable for the age group of 15 years and above to practice.

We have a shoe designed for sports, with professional designers. Choose us to make you have more fun.

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