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Stylish summer shoes made by roller skates suppliers

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Roller skates, commonly known as roller skates and roller skates, are a kind of competition item that uses special roller skates as a competition tool, and it is also a daily leisure thing. Most skaters today primarily use inline rollers, also known as brushes. (The nickname for this sport by inline roller skating enthusiasts comes from the sound of the wheels rubbing against the ground in skating, and also calls skates “brushes”, and skating on the road is called “brushing”).


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First of all, look at whether the quality of the roller skates is excellent: the use of roller skates is different from that of personal general-purpose shoes. In special cases, the usage rate of 8 hours a day is several times better than the quality of personal shoes so that irreversible damage will not occur under high frequency use. Low-grade roller skates (skates) generally use inferior bearings and generally only last 10 days to 1 month. The wheels are generally made of PVC material, which is not wear-resistant and does not grip the ground for 1-3 months. A few use domestic PU materials, but the wheels are small and slow. The bottom plate of the bracket is made of inferior recycled material, which is easy to deform and the gap is too large, and the design is unreasonable and it feels laborious and unstable when skating. Skate brakes are particularly not durable and are replaced frequently. Poor upper leather. The sole can tear the shoe easily. The repair fee is higher than the price of the shoe.



Secondly, the skating effect of the skates is very important: the fun of skating can only be experienced if the skates are easy to use. The skating effect mainly depends on the design of the chassis construction angle and the design of the upper force point. Secondly, it is also related to the hardness of the wheel and whether the bearing uses high-grade chrome steel and high speed.

Third, the thickness of the inner sleeve and the comfort of wearing are the key to choosing shoes: the thicker the inner sleeve, the more wrapped the foot, and the softer the tongue, the better. A well-fitted, wrap-around shoe protects the ankle and allows for more flexible movement—a good shoe should be firm enough, with a thick enough sponge and dense enough density.
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