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A speed skating shoe is a shoe that pursues speed.

What is the difference between speed skates and regular roller skates?
Speed ​​skates and jam skates are similar (low-top and lightweight), but speed skates have a toe stop. Skates use low-top boots (like speed skates and jam skates), but have more padding than other skates.

Speed ​​skates are low-top shoes (boots) that fit like tennis shoes. The low-top design helps get around corners. These skates are very popular in jam (dance) skating and of course speed skating because they provide freedom of movement at the ankle.

Speed skates are ice skates, or sometimes in-line skates, designed specifically to go as fast as possible over a smooth, level surface. Used in racing, speed skates sacrifice agility and precision in favor of speed over a relatively long distance. Characterized by a very long blade or set of wheels, speed skates are easy to distinguish from other types of skates, especially when moving at top speed!

Skaters who want to go very fast wear speed skates. Unlike normal skates, which strive for a balance of stability, maneuverability, turning and stopping, speed skates only need to go as fast as possible over a long, even course. Speed skates are certainly not for everyday use, but they are the specialized tools for their own purpose.

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  • ICE Skates accessories manufacturer
    ICE Skates accessories manufacturer

    What to look for when choosing skate accessories Skate accessories are a fun way to both personalize and protect your skateboard. There are a variety of different accessories available on the market, so it can be tricky to know what to look for when choosing the right ones. Here are a few tips to help you out. First, you'll need to decide what type of accessories you want. There are a variety of different types available, Such as knee pads and elbow pads. Each type of accessory serves a different purpose, so you'll need to decide what's most important to you. The different types of skate accessories available Skate accessories are a great way to add personality and style to your skateboarding experience. There are many different types of skate accessories available, so you can find the perfect one for your style. How to select the right skate accessories for you There are a few things you need to take into account when selecting skate accessories. The first is what type of skating you will be doing. If you are a beginner, you will need a skateboard, helmet, and pads. skate is a dangerous sport, so it is important to take safety precautions. If you are an experienced skater, you may want to add additional accessories to your gear, such as a wrist guard or knee pads.

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  • Beginner Roller Skate
    Beginner Roller Skate

    Good beginner skates are comfortable and have good ankle support. A new hobby that gets you bubbly may not get you excited to continue. Look for padded boots with padded tongues, and make sure the skates are always lace-up so they fit snugly against your legs to avoid ankle wobble. If you want to play roller skating in the true sense, don't buy too cheap roller skates, don't think it's just a shoe with a few wheels, many sports and outdoor products today are so valuable that they are usually designed with The theoretical support of ergonomics and other disciplines. Especially children, don't think that they can make do with cheap things when they are young, otherwise, they will either never fall in love with this sport, or they will become regulars in in-hospital surgery.    

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  • custom hockey skate
    custom hockey skate

    Looking for a custom hockey skate? Look no further than the experts at Custom Hockey Skate. We can help you create the perfect skate for your needs, whether you’re a beginner or a pro. We can all help you create the perfect hockey skate for your needs, we have a variety of options and we can even help you design your own hockey skate! Contact us today to get started. Customized hockey skates are based on the physical characteristics and action characteristics of hockey players, using ergonomic principles, combined with professional sports shoe design concepts, to design and produce professional hockey special skates. It has good breathability, abrasion resistance, durability and comfort, which can better protect athlete's feet, improve hockey technical level, and improve the game level. The process of custom hockey shoes is completed from three links: material selection, production and assembly. First of all, material selection is the basis for customizing hockey shoes, and the sole, upper, upper material and lining material must meet national quality standards. Secondly, the production of hockey shoes requires sophisticated craftsmanship and equipment, and high precision is required in the production process. Finally, assembling a hockey shoe is about putting the pieces together. This link requires the assembly process to meet national standards and to ensure the quality of the shoes.

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  • Leather Figure Skates manufacturers
    Leather Figure Skates manufacturers

    Always consider skill level, boot shape, age, body type, and intention when purchasing skates. For ease of understanding, we have broken down skill level categories into simple divisions. Recreational, Beginner, Instructional, Competitive, and Advanced Competitive. These divisions take into account the stiffness level, boot construction, and design, plus the amount of time spent on the ice. No matter your skill level or ice skating goals, there’s nothing that will ruin a day out on the ice quicker than uncomfortable skates, so take the time to do your research and think about the kind of skating you’ll be doing.

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  • How a Leather Figure Skate Factory Makes Skates
    How a Leather Figure Skate Factory Makes Skates

    While many winter sports are modern inventions, ice skating is not one of them. There is evidence that some form of the hobby has existed since 1000 BC. Granted, this is a more primitive version of tying the bones to the boot, but the concept is a time-honored tradition. As society has developed, so has the method of making leather figure skates. At the same time, there are many Leather Figure Skate Factory that is constantly improving. Even though the basic design of the skates remains the same, we've come a long way from the ribs of elk and reindeer. Or you might think so. The method of making the skate, including the shape and material, depends on the purpose of the skate. There are three main types: speed skating, figure skating, and hockey skating. The speed skate has a straight edge reinforced with a hollow tube made of thin leather. Ice hockey skates also have tubes, but the boots are reinforced with leather and plastic to protect the player's feet. Figure skating is the most different because the blade is designed to land jumps with a toe spin. The boot is also the largest of the three, all the way to the wearer's ankle.       Regardless of the design, skates have the same basic raw materials. Leather is purchased from external suppliers and checked by the manufacturer. Currently, neither the Olympic Committee nor the United States Skating Federation has guidelines on how to make skates. However, any...

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  • Roller Skate manufacturersTells You Don’t Go to the Gym to Lose Weight
    Roller Skate manufacturersTells You Don’t Go to the Gym to Lose Weight

    When you think about fitness and getting in shape, you probably immediately think of well-known weight loss methods. Going to the gym, walking, swimming, running, cycling, and yoga are the easiest things to think of. Is roller skating a good sport? However, one popular sport that is often overlooked to help you lose weight and boost your energy levels is roller skating. Yes, that's right, you usually think of walking the palm tree-lined boulevards of Los Angeles and Florida, and now this exercise can help you stay fit. There are so many health benefits of roller skating and roller skating that it will blow your mind. Plus, popular roller skating sports like recreational inline, roller derby, and speed skating are fun too! Therefore, you can exercise and lose weight completely by roller skating or roller skating. Now you can "kill two birds with one stone" with a single skate for both exercise and fun.     1. Be thankful for your rolls and make your life stress-free Stress is synonymous with modern everyday life. Almost everyone you talk to is stressed about something or someone. Whether they are stressed about their health, work, family, relationships, or money, stress is very dangerous and, if not reduced and controlled, can lead to a more serious outcome, death. Trying to lower your stress levels is absolutely essential, and skating can minimize stress. Many people who have never played roller skating in any form consider it a tiring sport. Yes, roller skating and roller...

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  • About the history of skating in China
    About the history of skating in China

    Skating is also called "roller skating". It is a sports competition that integrates fitness, competition, leisure and entertainment, professional skills, art, leisure and adventure. On January 1, 1987, the country officially changed its name to "skating" in accordance with the universal name in the world. Skating can reasonably and effectively alleviate and enhance the basic functions of the nervous system in the human body, relieve the basic functions of the respiratory organs, digestive organs, blood circulatory system and other organs, and fully coordinate and comprehensively develop the body's speed, strength, endurance and sensitivity, especially It is the physical and mental development of young people. Because this sport is restricted by climate and site conditions, its tools are easy to carry and the technology is easy to master. According to preliminary estimates, the number of people participating in skating in China is no less than 10 million. In order to further promote and develop skating and promote the vigorous development of this popular sport, the Domestic Skating Association was formally established in 1980, joined the World Skating Federation in the same year, and the Asian Skating Federation in 1986. At present, the domestic skating associations manage four items: figure skating, speed skating, ice skating and extreme skating (skateboarding). Among them, speed roller skating is the most competitive item. At present, domestic figure skating is in a leading position in Asia.

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  • How do I know if the size of the roller skates I buy fits my feet?
    How do I know if the size of the roller skates I buy fits my feet?

    The correct size roller skates are a very important part of the purchase process, because the right roller skates will be more comfortable and supportive. Inappropriate skates can cause poor performance, foot pain and lack of desire to skate. Roller skates of the right size will provide better support, enhance power transmission, and be more comfortable when skating. In this guide, we will introduce the correct size roller skates for men, women and children.       (1) General size information of roller skates Most roller skates fit your standard shoe size. Therefore, if you wear size 8 shoes every day, size 8 skates are suitable. Most skate brands align their skates with popular footwear brands to facilitate size adjustment. The first time you try on skates, you may find that they are too close, but there are some tricks to make sure they are the correct size. The first time you wear roller skates, check the position of your toes; if they barely touch the front of the skate, you will be fine. If your toes are bent or retracted, the skates may be too small. To better explain how well your skates fit after wearing; put on your skates, bend your knees, and put yourself in a skating position. Once in the skating position, you will feel your toes detach from the front of the skate. In this position, you will better understand their fit on skates after multiple uses.         (2) Precautions for choosing...

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