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Ako továreň na výrobu kožených krasokorčúľ vyrába korčule

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While many winter sports are modern inventions, ice skating is not one of them. There is evidence that some form of the hobby has existed since 1000 BC. Granted, this is a more primitive version of tying the bones to the boot, but the concept is a time-honored tradition. As society has developed, so has the method of making leather figure skates. At the same time, there are many Leather Figure Skate Factory that is constantly improving. Even though the basic design of the skates remains the same, we’ve come a long way from the ribs of elk and reindeer. Or you might think so.

The method of making the skate, including the shape and material, depends on the purpose of the skate. There are three main types: speed skating, figure skating, and hockey skating. The speed skate has a straight edge reinforced with a hollow tube made of thin leather. Ice hockey skates also have tubes, but the boots are reinforced with leather and plastic to protect the player’s feet. Figure skating is the most different because the blade is designed to land jumps with a toe spin. The boot is also the largest of the three, all the way to the wearer’s ankle.




Regardless of the design, skates have the same basic raw materials. Leather is purchased from external suppliers and checked by the manufacturer. Currently, neither the Olympic Committee nor the United States Skating Federation has guidelines on how to make skates. However, any good manufacturer will take advice and complaints from professionals and their coaches. For example, they might suggest that boots require a higher ankle. Fortunately, the first step is usually to cut different parts of the boot from leather or nylon. One cutting machine produces eight parts, four for the upper and four for the lining. Another machine oversees the heel, tongue, reinforcement, and sole. The third method is to punch holes in the order number and eyelets. Finally, an industrial sewing machine joins the parts together.

Unlike printers and punch presses, sewing machines are operated manually through a control panel. (Some people still use foot pedals.) The lining part and the upper part are joined together. The reinforcement material is inserted from the heel to the ball to strengthen the area around the ankle. This is usually done with plastic or more leather. The skates are now starting to look like themselves, any excess stitched cuts. While it’s still partially built, it goes through a process called “consideration” to make it more flexible. This is achieved by exposing the leather to heat and humidity.



Skate boots are formed by a last. This is the foot model corresponding to the size of the finished skate. Depending on the manufacturer, there may be as many as 159 different sizes and widths, with about two-thirds of them used for women’s skates. This difference is because there are more female skaters than males. Women are also more health-conscious. If you go to a shoe store, you’ll find that the size range is the same there. In this case, being picky makes sense. Since the skates come with metal, a good fit is a key to avoiding injuries.

After setting the boots, use a power grinder to remove the finish on the bottom. It seems counterintuitive, but this is the only one. Grinding leaves a gap full of spring steel arched support handles. This is for the blade. Rubber or leather soles are also fixed with rubber cement. In this step, the heel is also attached to the leather or fiberboard layer.



Finally the most important part of the leather figure skates. The employee looks at the position of the blade and should leave an equal amount of boot on the toe and heel. A high-speed drill holds the blade in place. However, only a few screws were inserted during the manufacturing process. The rest is packaged with the finished skateboard for the wearer to remove or add on for the perfect fit. When the blades are attached, the skates are polished, laced, and packaged for retail sale.
Making ice skates is similar to making shoes, but more specific and accurate. Due to the nature of the blades and movement, everything had to be built to exact dimensions. Even without proper guidance, we strive to produce the best possible product. It really makes you appreciate how much you have on your skates when you’re strapped up and dropped off with the perfect Triax.
The above is our introduction to skates. If you want to know more, please contact us.

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