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How many calories does roller skating burn?
If you’re a skilled enough skater to maintain a certain strenuous pace, this sport definitely burns calories.

What’s more, roller skating provides benefits beyond just burning calories.

The improved balance and core stability it provides can impact full body comfort. Its low-impact properties make it gentler on your joints than other vigorous forms of exercise. Plus, it can even improve your flexibility and mind-body connection if you’re practicing some techniques or skills.

Roller skating burns about the same number of calories as moderate exercise on a group bike or rowing machine. Other benefits of skating include improved balance and core stability, which may reduce low back pain.

How do I choose my first roller skates?
It is important that the skates fit your feet securely, neither too tight nor too loose. For some, this means choosing the same size as their regular shoe size, while for others, going up sizing provides the right fit. As a first-time buyer, we recommend going one size up.

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