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No matter what kind of Inline skate you want to replace, the most important thing is to choose a skate that fits your feet. Modern inline skates were originally designed by players for ice hockey fitness training by hockey players. Today, fitness skates are specifically designed for those who seek to use their skates to get in shape or to skate regularly. Simply put, fitness skates are high-performance recreational skates. Their design is similar in almost every way, except that it’s aimed at individuals who skate long distances. Recreational skates and fitness skates differ in bearing, wheel size, and overall weight.

Fitness skating is a low-impact activity with little to no wear and tear on your joints and bones. Plus, fitness skating can burn as many calories as running. The list of benefits is long, but the bottom line is that inline skating is a great fitness activity. If you’re planning to use your skates to stay in shape through long, fast skating adventures, fitness skates may be the way to go.


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