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Yuzuru Hanyu’s figure skating at the Winter Olympics

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White snow decorates the winter land, and the wonderful events of the Beijing Winter Olympics are ushered in this world of ice and snow.
Figure skating attracts large audiences with its moving musical melodies and dazzling spins and jumps on the ice. Will Yuzuru Hanyu be the champion?

Who is Yuzuru Hanyu? Yuzuru Hanyu is a Japanese men’s single figure skater who was born on December 7, 1994 in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. The young man has broken world records 19 times.

With the beautiful music, the young man closed his eyes, waited for the rhythm, and slowly relaxed. They seemed to be thinking about the next dance. Suddenly, he turned his head to the right and began to dance. As soft as music, he slides gently on the ice, forming a circle. He is neither rushed nor dull, as if immersed in music.



The music was deafening. After Yuzuru Hanyu’s body pressed down lightly, it jumped up suddenly. After three sets in the air, it landed smoothly and made a small turn. When he jumped and landed smoothly, the audience cheered, then gradually quieted down and the music became calm and soft again. The strings were dancing, eyes half closed, as if the next takeoff was brewing. To the calming sound of music, the contestants jumped again, spinning three perfect circles in the air and then a small circle on the ice. The audience burst into thunderous applause again and the music slowly sounded. He became the center of everyone’s attention.



He danced so cheerfully that the entire audience seemed to be immersed in his dance. The cheerful music still reverberates. He lowered his body again and landed after three steady circles in the air. The whole audience cheered. Immediately he jumped again, but this time with some small mistakes, but he also stabilized the center of gravity with a large circle. His score was close to the total. At the end, the music stopped, and the curtain was closed with open hands. Yuzuru Hanyu won the championship through continuous efforts, which made me understand more what Yuzuru Hanyu said; hard work will lie, but hard work will not will be in vain. ”
Come on for the 2022 Winter Olympics!



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