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Some kids can start using roller skates from age 3, but the best age for kids to start using roller skates is 4-5. At that age (4-5 years old), children have the balance and coordination skills of adults.If you decide to make inline skating a regular family activity, your kids will need quality skating gear with a similar level of support, durability, quality and wheel setup capabilities, while adults will need a similar level of inline skating or Similar level of skating discipline. There are many affordable, adjustable inline skates for kids that can be stretched to some sizes so they can grow with your little skater.


How to Choose Junior Roller Inline Skates
Choosing the right size in a pair of Junior Roller Inline Skates is easier than most people think. Kids’ roller skates will fit perfectly into their everyday shoe size. So if your child wears a size 2, a size 2 skate will fit perfectly.

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  • buy discount Ice Hockey Puck Accessoires
    buy discount Ice Hockey Puck Accessoires

    Skates are a vital piece of youth hockey equipment and can affect the way younger kids develop their game of ice hockey. An improperly fitting pair of skates can be uncomfortable and may make kids not want to get out on the ice. When choosing a pair of skates, it is important to make sure that they are the right size, the right fit for their foot shape, and made of high-quality materials. Looking for a piece of hockey gear you don’t see on our website? While we comply with manufacturer restrictions regarding certain products, we are unable to show our entire inventory of hockey equipment. Please contact us.

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  • best ice figure skates
    best ice figure skates

    In good condition When your figure skates are just sharpened, there are several qualities that make them feel good while skating. Smooth the edges even and file to a point - well, two points and a U-shaped hollow in the middle The edge has a grip or "bite" on both sides of the blade No rust, residue or goo on guards in the hollow of the blade or on the side of the edge The worst thing you can do is buy skates that are the same size as your regular shoes because the sizes don't match. Typically, shoes are a bit longer than skates because they require more flexibility. That's why the first thing you need to do is measure the length of your feet. It's something they offer at any ice skating shop, but you can also easily do it at home. To measure your feet for skates at home, you'll need a tape measure, a pen, and a clean piece of paper. It must be done on hard surfaces wearing socks used for skating. Step 1. Hold the paper against the wall. Step 2. Place your feet on the paper with your heels against the wall. Step 3. On the paper, draw a straight line at the end of the big toe. Step 4. Do the same with the other foot. Step 5. Using a tape measure, measure the length from the end where your heel is to the mark you made. Now that you've measured your...

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  • Professional Speed Skate
    Professional Speed Skate

    Speed skating is a sport in which athletes race each other on the ice, using speed skates. The sport requires great endurance and speed, as well as good technique. Jiayue Sports is a company that specializes in the manufacture and sale of professional speed skates. The company's products are used by athletes all over the world and are known for their quality and durability. If you're looking for a top-quality pair of speed skates, Jiayue Sports is the company for you. Are you looking for a fast and furious way to get around on the ice? Jiayue Sports has just what you need! We sell professional Speed Skates that will have you skating circles around your competition in no time. Our Skates are made with top-quality materials and construction, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best product on the market. Order your Speed Skates today and be the envy of all your friends! Are you looking for a high-quality pair of speed skates? Jiayue Sports is the perfect place to shop! We sell only professional-grade speed skates, perfect for experienced skaters. Our products are made with the latest technology and materials, ensuring a great skating experience. Shop with us today and you'll be sure to find the perfect pair of speed skates for your needs.

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  • inline skate parts
    inline skate parts

    There are many different parts to an inline skate. The most important part of the skate is the actual boot. The boot is the part of the skate that the person wears. It is important that the boot is made of a good quality material so that it is sturdy and can support the person's weight. The skate also has a frame. The frame is the part of the skate that attaches to the boot. It is important that the frame is made of a good quality material so that it is sturdy and can support the person's weight. The skate also has a set of wheels. The wheels are the part of the skate that the person uses to move around. It is important that the wheels are made of a good quality material so that they are sturdy and can support the person's weight. The skate also has a set of bearings. The bearings are the part of the skate that the person uses to move around. It is important that the bearings are made of a good quality material so that they are sturdy and can support the person's weight. Lastly, the skate also has a set of brakes. The brakes are the part of the skate that the person uses to stop. It is important that the brakes are made of a good quality material so that they are sturdy and can support the person's weight. How to choose the right inline skate parts There are...

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  • Teach you how to easily master the skills of inline skates
    Teach you how to easily master the skills of inline skates

    With the development of various sports, inline skates have gradually become cool equipment for young people. Nowadays, more and more young people like to play roller skating. Inline skates have tricks. Only by mastering these skills can you successfully play inline skating. Today, I will introduce to you the techniques to easily master inline skating. Inline Skating Tips 1 Five and eight steps For beginners, if it's their first time inline skating, they'll need to tilt their legs into a V shape. This keeps the body balanced and avoids instability. Then learn to wear inline skates and walk eight characters. This is the most basic skill of inline skates. Bring your feet together to form a figure 8, then lift your legs at a 90° angle. At first, it can be hard, tiring, and hard to stand on your feet. Try to keep your body forward as you practice, this will help preserve your balance.       2. Slideshow After practicing T-steps, you can basically master your body's center of gravity. Feel your body's center of gravity as you slide. Theoretically, when sliding to the left, the entire center of gravity of the body needs to be tilted to the left, and the right foot should be tilted with it. The same goes for sliding the right foot. The trick is not to skate with one foot all the time, but to skate with both feet. When practicing, it is best not to be supported by others and not...

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  • buy new China Inline skate and put on your new roller skates
    buy new China Inline skate and put on your new roller skates

    No matter what type of skates you have -Inline skate or quad - there will always be a gap. During the break-in period, you may experience blisters and discomfort, and few people and any skater are exempt from the break-in period. If you've managed to get yourself a pair of skates without any discomfort - yes, you've found the Magic Unicorn inline skates. It's normal if you feel uncomfortable. There are things you can and should do to make the break-in period as easy as possible.     Two of the most common mistakes beginners make are using the tension in their feet to control their skates, and wearing the skates too tightly. To solve the first problem, try to relax your feet and toes while skating, and don't automatically tighten out of fear. Once you realize this, you should be able to figure it out on your own. The laces should be strong, but not so strong that your feet will go numb. To fix this, try loosening the laces without tying them too tightly. You should be able to bend your knee comfortably without too much restriction. Take it easy for most people, it takes 12 hours to put on a pair of skates in about a month start with shorter skating adventures and build up to longer skating adventures. If you do decide to go ice skating right away for a long time, expect that you may experience blisters and possibly discomfort or friction, as virgin feet and...

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  • The Best Sellers in girls size adjustable inline skates let your children enjoy a happy experience
    The Best Sellers in girls size adjustable inline skates let your children enjoy a happy experience

    As a child grows up, there are always a variety of sports that fill the child's life. For children, sports can not only improve their physical fitness, but also develop their interest in sports. Now roller skating has become a very popular sport, and when parents choose roller skates for their children, they will also consider the Best Sellers in girls size adjustable inline skates as their children's sports equipment. And this equipment will also bring the children to experience the passion of speed. Whether it is a boy or a girl, they will especially like roller skating. Children are curious about novel things. Roller skating can exercise balance ability during exercise and promote the improvement of cardiovascular system and respiratory system. It is a kind of aerobic exercise, so it can be a kind of exercise to exercise children's physical fitness. Many children don't like running, so we can learn roller skating, and we can also exercise children's endurance and explosive power. And because of the need to control the shoes, the coordination of the body will be better. Since you want to learn roller skating, you must carefully choose the shoes on your feet, because the shell of roller skating shoes is very hard, and the soles of the feet are pulleys, so the quality requirements and comfort requirements of the shoes are very high. And the child's footsteps are in the process of growth, so when choosing roller skates, inline skating is well controlled, and shoes that...

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  • Hockey skates add something to life
    Hockey skates add something to life

    In life, some people walk fast, some people walk slow, some people run up and no one can catch up, and some people can use the means of transportation to become a dazzling presence in the crowd. This is the meaning of roller skating. The application of Roller Hockey skate is wearing roller skates to play hockey has the advantage of being able to fully demonstrate your skating skills, allowing more people to see their mastery of hockey skates. And his biggest feature is also not easy to master. Those who know can play well, and those who don’t know will bring a lot of joy to everyone when they study, but they also gain more from such joy. friendship. There is a friend who works in a high-level enterprise. He seems to have a gentle personality, but he still feels a sense of distance. In fact, deep in his heart, he also longs for a more harmonious relationship with his colleagues. The new colleague is a very enthusiastic person. His hobby is roller hockey. Under his active recommendation, Zhiguo also has his own hockey skates, and he came to the field with everyone to start his own learning. The brigade, although at the beginning, he kept falling and made everyone laugh, but in the laughter, everyone extended a helping hand to him. It is this behavior that is gradually becoming proficient in the process. In the game, he reached a settlement with hockey skates and also integrated into his...

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