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この冬、新しいインライン スケートを買うのが好きではない人はいますか?新しいインラインスケートを一緒にグラインドしましょう

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So you buy inline skate! Yeah!

Now, here’s the tricky part. No matter what kind of skates you wear—inline skates or quad skates—there’s always a downtime. During the break-in process, you may experience blisters and discomfort. Few people, and skateboards are no exception.

If you managed to get yourself a pair of shoes without any discomfort – yes, you found the magic skates!

If you’re uncomfortable, that’s normal, and there are a few things you can and should do to make the break-in period as easy as possible.


Put on your inline skate and let’s skate together
1. Avoid rookie mistakes

Two of the most common mistakes beginners make are pulling the foot tight to control the skate and pulling the skate too tight. To solve the first problem, try to relax your feet and toes while skating, rather than tightening automatically in fear. With this in mind, you should be able to correct the problem yourself.


The straps (for quads and inner cables) should be firm, but not so tight that your feet will go numb. To fix this, try untying the shoelaces, but don’t tie them too tightly. For inline skaters, don’t pull the ladder on the skates too tight. You should be able to bend your knees comfortably without much restriction.

2. Take your time

For most people, it takes 12 hours to sharpen a pair of skates in a month or so. Start with shorter skateboarding adventures and work your way up to longer skateboarding adventures. If you decide to go out skating right away, you may develop blisters and may experience discomfort or friction. This is because virgins’ feet and ankles are soft and sticky, not used to the rigors of skating. Your arches and ankles won’t be strong, and you’ll be using a lot of muscles you don’t use when walking or running. Different skates put pressure on different parts of your foot, and you’ll start to develop calluses and tighter skin in areas of the ball of the foot that control the skate, such as the underside of the foot. Your leg muscles will start to develop and strengthen, but most people will always have the more dominant side (usually the right leg will have more control).




3. Be yourself and make adjustments

During the break-in period, there are several things you can do to help yourself. Socks: Try socks of different thicknesses until you find what works for you.

I like thinner socks but others like thicker socks. Wear socks that are higher than your boots to prevent chafing.

Heat Molds: If you have heat molded skates then you can mold or bake them (follow the manufacturer’s instructions) which will help them mold to the contours of your feet. If you’re sure they’re actually thermoformed, make sure you only heat the mold, or you’ll be very frustrated when you melt your skates.

Stretching: Some skate shops offer other stretching services, such as bunion stretchers.

Blisters: To prevent blisters, you can invest in a pair of neoprene skate socks.

Ankle Braces: If you have sensitive ankles, or if you’re skating at the skate park and tap your ankles, there are products that can help soften the blow, or give you more padding, like the Ennui ankle braces.

Insoles: If you are pronated (skating on the inside of your foot) or respin (skating on the outside of your foot), then you can use orthotic insoles such as Riedell R-Fits to help stop this.

Adjusting the hardware: If you have quad skates, you can tighten or loosen your truck, change your pads to softer or harder, and change the tension of the wheels.

If you are wearing inline skates or roller skates, you can adjust the position of the shoe rack according to different models.

4. Calm down

Putting on new skates does take time, but now you know there are techniques, products, and strategies that can help. If you already have problems with your feet, the problem will really start to show when you lift your feet off the ground and put the wheels on them.
But don’t worry. There are many things you can do to simplify the process and adjust your skates to suit your feet and your skating style. Over time, your skates will adapt to your feet and movements, and you’ll be rolling like a pro.

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