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Is learning China roller skate better than running fitness?

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When you choose exercise or fitness, the first consideration may be treadmills, weightlifting and stationary bicycles in the gym. You are unlikely to think of roller skating because many people do not understand the effectiveness of roller skating as an exercise mechanism.
If it can be done correctly, it will be a very effective way of exercise. Roller skating has many benefits, including burning calories, reducing wear on bones and joints, and improving balance and coordination.

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(1) Learning China inline skate consumes Carri Road
When it comes to being healthy or staying healthy, many people think of themselves as a caliber counter.
They track the calories in the food they buy and eat, and try to burn calories through various exercises.
Roller skating is a particularly good fitness exercise that can help you burn calories because it takes almost no time to take effect.

During the 30-minute roller skating process, if inline skaters are skating at a stable and comfortable speed, they will
A heart rate of 148 times burns 285 calories. On the contrary, if you choose to skate intermittently, you will take the initiative to skate for one minute and then easily complete a round, burning 450 calories in 30 minutes.
If you choose to run or ride a bicycle instead of roller skating, you will lose 350 and 360 calories, respectively, at a rate of 148 times per minute. The number of running and cycling is still slightly higher, but the number of calories you can burn per minute depends largely on your weight. Therefore, you may lose more calories in 30 minutes compared to running or cycling. Not to mention the damage to the body caused by running and cycling, so roller skating is a very suitable choice for fitness.

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(2) Exercise at low intensity
In addition to the calorie-burning benefits of inline skating in China, roller skaters may also benefit from low-impact exercises on the body’s bones and joints.
If you have ever jogged, then you know that running can be very painful to your knees, back and ankles.
The repetitive nature of this electric shock is harmful to your joints, and every step you take will cause them to lose their lives.
Roller skating is an excellent alternative to jogging and an excellent way to reduce damage to the bones and joints of the body.
In fact, roller skating has been shown to provide all the same benefits while affecting less than half of running.
If you are a running enthusiast, but your legs often hurt, please consider buying a pair of China inline skates to learn roller skating. He will save you a lot of future pain.

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(3) Fitness roller skate exercise can exercise your balance and coordination ability
Whether you have played roller skating before or not, roller skating requires a lot of balance and coordination skills. This is no secret.
Not surprisingly, many amateur and professional athletes use roller skating as a training tool to improve balance and coordination.

If you also want to take balance and coordination training to a new level, roller skating is a good choice.
A good way is to practice skating on each foot independently. Pick up one roller skate for 2 to 4 seconds, then switch to the other foot. This will quickly speed up your balance and coordination.
If you really try this sport, remember to always wear protective equipment.
However, even if you don’t want to use skating as a training tool for balance and coordination, a little improvement in balance and coordination will not help.

Finally, if you want to buy roller skates, please contact us. We have an advanced R&D team to produce high-quality products for you.


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