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What protection do I need for my roller skates? Knee pads, elbow pads, wrist pads and helmet are standard.
Use this must-have Inline Skates Protector
Falling is part of roller skating, and you should definitely learn how to fall safely on roller skating. However, it can take a while to internalize the best way to fall, so why not protect yourself at the same time?
If you’re new to skating (or coming back years later), you’ll definitely want to wear the Inline Skates Protector as you get the hang of it.

Many skaters ditch some or all of the safety gear inside the rink once they feel more comfortable on the rink, but it’s perfectly fine to continue wearing it. Ice rink floors are hard after all! But when skating outdoors, you should always be prepared before you set off. Skating outdoors not only exposes you to rough, cracked, and other unpredictable surfaces, but also brings additional risks to traffic, other pedestrians, hills, and more.


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