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Skaters are advised to wear protective gear before roller skating, including helmets, wrist guards, knee pads and elbow pads. Although head injuries from skating are rare, helmet protection is also recommended. Further research is needed to assess injury and environmental and behavioral risk factors. Everyone falls when rollerblading (even experts do, but less often). And most injuries are caused by falls in roller skating.

If you’re new to skating (or coming back years later), you’ll definitely want to wear protective skating gear as you get the hang of it. Knee pads, elbow pads, wrist pads and helmet are standard. If you want to go the extra mile, you can follow in the footsteps of the roller derby players and add a mouthguard. There are even padded shorts to protect your tailbone!

Many skaters ditch some or all of the safety gear inside the rink once they feel more comfortable on the rink, but it’s perfectly fine to continue wearing it. Ice rink floors are hard after all! But when skating outdoors, you should always be prepared before you set off. Skating outdoors not only exposes you to rough, cracked, and other unpredictable surfaces, but also brings additional risks to traffic, other pedestrians, hills, and more.


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