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Once seen as strictly a hockey player’s off-season training device, inline skating is now widely accepted as a “lifestyle” product that anyone can use. Today’s professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts and people of all ages can enjoy the fun of inline skating.

Transporting skates in a hockey bag is risky. After all, sharp objects mixed with soft gear, like sweatshirts or gloves, can often cause something to tear. Or worse, they could cut open the bag and give you a major gear leak at the rink. Fortunately, blade covers exist.

When you find a theme or collection for your figure skater, it should be simple to get all the matching pieces. Here you can find the right ICE Skates Accessoires for you as well as a wide range of different skates in one convenient place.


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  • Let’s learn ice skating this summer
    Let’s learn ice skating this summer

    What Beginners Skating Should Know basic walking posture The heels are inserted into the hair, the toes are pointed out, the line is in a V shape, the knees are slightly bent, and the hands can be laid flat for balance. Parallel Stance: Stand with your feet parallel and your knees slightly bent. Walking feet should not be inclined to the west, but should be flat on the ground.     standing still According to the standing movements learned below, stand well, toes facing out, legs slightly bent, hands spread out to maintain balance, ready for action, and step with back feet staggered. It can start by lifting high to become familiar with the increased range of motion. There are a number of ways you can show your skates that you love and care about them. How many calories does roller skating burn? If you're a skilled enough skater to maintain a certain strenuous pace, this sport definitely burns calories. What's more, roller skating provides benefits beyond just burning calories. The improved balance and core stability it provides can impact full body comfort. Its low-impact properties make it gentler on your joints than other vigorous forms of exercise. Plus, it can even improve your flexibility and mind-body connection if you're practicing some techniques or skills. Roller skating burns about the same number of calories as moderate exercise on a group bike or rowing machine. Other benefits of skating include improved balance and core stability, which may reduce low back pain....

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  • Roller Skate Manufacturers introduce you a pair of roller skates that are both stylish and convenient
    Roller Skate Manufacturers introduce you a pair of roller skates that are both stylish and convenient

    Roller skating is a fun and healthy activity for all ages. How to choose the right roller skates If you're new to roller skating, knowing where to start when choosing the right skates can be tricky. Here are some tips to help you make the right decision for your needs. First, think about what type of skating you want to do. There are three main types: casual, fitness, and inline. Recreational skating is best for beginners or those who just want to have some fun. Fitness skating is more challenging and great for working out. Roller skating is a high-intensity activity and not recommended for beginners. Think about the skating surface you will be skating on. Most skating is done on concrete, but there are indoor and outdoor rinks as well. If you primarily skate outdoors, you'll want a pair of outdoor skates designed to handle rougher surfaces. If you're skating mostly indoors, you'll want a pair of indoor skates, which are smaller and have a tighter turning radius. Finally, consider your budget and what features you want your skate to have. Price is usually a good measure of quality, so you need to consider how much you're willing to spend. High-end skates usually have better bearings, which make skating easier and more fun. They also tend to be more durable, which means they will last longer.     There are several different factors that determine the best roller skate manufacturer in the world. Price, quality and customer service are...

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  • Looking for ICE Skates accessories to get the most out of your skating experience
    Looking for ICE Skates accessories to get the most out of your skating experience

    Skating is a popular winter pastime, and if you're new to the sport, you'll want to buy some skating accessories. There are a few things you need to consider when choosing skating accessories, so here's a guide to help you make the right decision. What to look for when buying ICE Skates accessories When you buy ICE Skates, there are a few things you need to look for in the accessories. The most important thing is the size of the skates. You want to make sure the skates are the right size for your feet. You also need to make sure you have the correct size blade. The blade should fit snugly against the sole of the foot.     Benefits of using ICE Skates accessories There are many benefits to using ICE Skates accessories. One of the most obvious benefits is that you can improve your skating performance. ICE Skates accessories can help you improve your balance and skating skills. They also help you improve your speed and agility. Another benefit of using ICE Skates accessories is that they help protect your skates. When you're not using your skates, you can use a skate guard to protect them. Skate Guards will help protect your skates from damage. It also helps protect your skates from getting dirty. Another benefit of using ICE Skates accessories is that they help keep your skates in good shape. When the skates are not in use, they can be stored in the skate bag. A...

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  • How is the quality of Carbon Speed Skates Made in China
    How is the quality of Carbon Speed Skates Made in China

    From a professional point of view, the higher the hardness of the speed skating shoes, the faster the sliding speed, so the speed skating shoes on the feet of professional athletes are all customized versions, and their hardness is very high, and the average person cannot control them. The reason why the hardness of the shoe becomes so high is because of the carbon fiber inside. So why are Carbon Speed Skates Made in China so popular?     The relationship between carbon fiber and speed skating shoes In a speed skating shoe, it is divided into four components, the upper shoe, as well as the shoe frame and bearing, and the wheel. Among these four parts, the upper shoes are the shoes we wear on our feet, and the shoes are generally composed of carbon fiber, glass fiber, or mixed woven fabric. Because speed skating shoes are prone to collisions and other situations during use, the choice of materials tends to be tensile and fold-resistant materials. The number of layers of carbon fiber determines the firmness of the shoe. And the speed skating shoes we see every day are nine layers of carbon fiber.     Are speed skating shoes the harder the better? This is not a decision, just like the shoes we wear on our feet, if they are too hard, it will affect the way we walk. For beginners, if the shoes are too hard, it will affect his mastery of the shoes. But for professionals,...

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  • Carbon Speed Skates wholesaler
    Carbon Speed Skates wholesaler

    We are a company that specializes in carbon speed skates. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services possible. We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers and providing them with the best possible shopping experience. We offer a wide variety of products, including carbon speed skates, helmets, and pads. We also offer a variety of services, including repairs and customization. We are the best source for carbon speed skates and we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible products and services. Looking for a high-quality, affordable carbon speed skating experience? Look no further than Carbon Speed Skates! We are a wholesaler of carbon speed skating products and accessories, and we pride ourselves on offering the best products and customer service in the industry. Our carbon speed skates are made with the highest quality materials and construction, and our prices are unbeatable. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services, and be sure to check out our website to see our full line of carbon speed skating products!

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  • Inline Skates Protector factory in China
    Inline Skates Protector factory in China

    Skaters are advised to wear protective gear before roller skating, including helmets, wrist guards, knee pads and elbow pads. Although head injuries from skating are rare, helmet protection is also recommended. Further research is needed to assess injury and environmental and behavioral risk factors. Everyone falls when rollerblading (even experts do, but less often). And most injuries are caused by falls in roller skating. If you're new to skating (or coming back years later), you'll definitely want to wear protective skating gear as you get the hang of it. Knee pads, elbow pads, wrist pads and helmet are standard. If you want to go the extra mile, you can follow in the footsteps of the roller derby players and add a mouthguard. There are even padded shorts to protect your tailbone! Many skaters ditch some or all of the safety gear inside the rink once they feel more comfortable on the rink, but it's perfectly fine to continue wearing it. Ice rink floors are hard after all! But when skating outdoors, you should always be prepared before you set off. Skating outdoors not only exposes you to rough, cracked, and other unpredictable surfaces, but also brings additional risks to traffic, other pedestrians, hills, and more.  

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  • China Roller Skate
    China Roller Skate

    Roller skates are shoes, or bindings that fit onto shoes, that are worn to enable the wearer to roll along on wheels. The first roller skate was effectively an ice skate with wheels replacing the blade. Later the "quad" style of roller skate became more popular consisting of four wheels arranged in the same configuration as a typical car. Many potential inline or roller skaters want to know whether inline skating (sometimes called rollerblading) or quad roller skating is easier to master. Surprisingly, many people – young and old – become mobile on inline skates much faster than on traditional quad roller skates. That is because most well-made recreational inline skates offer a lot of rigid support for feet and ankles if they are the right size, buckled, and laced up properly. The wheels extend much further to the front and rear which helps balance a skater's forward and backward momentum.

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  • roller skate moves
    roller skate moves

    If you're looking to impress your friends with your roller skating skills, then check out these top five moves! These moves will have you looking like a pro in no time. 1. The Stride I stand up, stretching my arms over my head. I take a deep breath and twist my torso to the right, then to the left. I take a step forward and then another. I feel the wind on my skin, the sun on my face. I feel alive. I am running. I am running through the streets, dodging people and cars. I am running through the woods, dodging trees and roots. I am running on the beach, dodging waves. I am running. I am running for the sheer joy of it. I am running to feel the wind in my hair, the sun on my face, the sand between my toes. I am running to feel alive. 2. The Skater's Roll The skater's roll is a move that is used to get around an opponent. It is a move that is done by skating around the opponent and then spinning around them. It is a move that can be used to get around an opponent quickly. 3. The T-Bone The T-Bone steak is one of the most popular cuts of meat. It's a thick, juicy steak that comes from the beef rib primal. The T-Bone has a lot of flavor and is a great choice for a hearty meal. 4. The Forward Flip I was in...

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