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Ice figure skate Made in China tell you some skating knowledge

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If you’re looking to buy a good pair of skates for yourself or your kids, there are a few things you should consider. After all, the quality of your skates determines how you or your child will perform when you wear them. Safety is another consideration, as a lack of proper technique can lead to falls and injuries.

Remember, casual or entry-level skates shouldn’t be expensive. You shouldn’t waste your money on expensive state-of-the-art skates, skating a few times a year. However, cheaper options often offer less comfort and ankle support.

Choose the right size skates

One mistake you can make is buying a pair of skates that are too large. Know that the right skates are the key to success. It specifically concerns figure skates, where blade control is critical. Choose a pair of shoes that fit well but aren’t too tight. If you have enough room to put your fingers behind your heels, that’s fine. In general, it’s best to try on your skates in the morning or early afternoon. Don’t forget to bring your skating socks (you’ll find out more about choosing the right skating equipment later in this article).

Choosing the right shoe size for kids is harder because they take off their shoes very quickly. This is why many models of children’s skates are adjustable in length. This means the boot can expand so your child can grow up to three or four sizes with the skates. Although the adjustable skates are designed for recreational skating, they are just as high quality as regular models. If your child’s feet are still growing, we recommend adjustable skates. ?

How do beginners choose figure skating shoes?

Most skates can be categorized by skill level. This means that the features of the skates are best suited to their skill level, it doesn’t mean that high-end skates are of better quality than mid-range skates.




Ice Skates and Hockey Skates

Both skates have their pros and cons.

The type of skate defines its purpose. Figure skating blades are long and straight to help with balance. They also have toe options, which help better perform advanced figure skating moves such as jumps and spins. However, figure skaters often trip over their toes.

Boots are made of leather or synthetic leather. Leather is used in more expensive professional skates. Boots are usually stiff and uncomfortable to wear, but they provide great ankle support. Synthetic leather boots are generally more comfortable but lack ankle support. However, some modern synthetic leather skates surpass leather boots in ankle support and have better padding for more comfort.

The blades of hockey skates are slightly curved and shorter to give you more power, acceleration and quicker turns. On the other hand, they are not suitable for long rides, making balancing more difficult. Because there are no toes, you’re less likely to trip, but there’s nothing stopping you from falling. As the name suggests, ice hockey skates are the most popular winter sports in the United States. But for beginners and those who need speed, they are also suitable for regular skating.

The hard shell of ice hockey skates protects your feet from the impact of a hockey game. While the outer shell is stiff, the soft interior padding makes them comfortable to wear, which is doable for beginners looking for a comfortable skate. Boots provide great support for your ankles and feet.

Which skates or hockey skates are easier to learn?

If you want to learn figure skating in the future, it is best to start with figure skating. If you start with ice hockey skates and then switch to figure skates, it will be much more difficult to adjust the toe paddles. If you plan to play hockey, we also recommend starting with figure skating. Many hockey players find it challenging to balance on the best hockey skates, especially if they are young and skating for the first time. If you lose your balance, you will immediately fall forward or backward. When you don’t know how to push with the blade, you keep falling forward. The adjustment of hockey skates will be fairly easy to learn to push with the blades on the skates.





What are the precautions for skating for the first time?

wear appropriate clothes

Wear suitable clothing that will make the movement comfortable and not get wet. Skating is a sport where your body warms up when you walk. For an outdoor skating rink, you should opt for slightly thicker, warmer clothing, or add layers.

Wear socks or tights.

Wear socks or tights. To keep your feet comfortable and warm, you should wear skating tights or microfiber socks. It’s important not to get your feet wet to keep them warm. Use tights or microfiber cloths instead of cotton socks when skating.

lace up boots

Tie the boots around the legs to secure the ankles and stabilize the ankles. Make it as tight as possible and you can still walk and stand up. If your leg is numb, it’s too tight. Remember that when you skate, your boots and laces will loosen up a bit.

Warm up first.
Warm up first. A quick warm-up before skating is essential. It will prevent your muscles from soreness as your body may not be used to the cold.

Can this knowledge help you, I hope you learn to skate at the end of summer vacation.

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