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How is the quality of Carbon Speed Skates Made in China

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From a professional point of view, the higher the hardness of the speed skating shoes, the faster the sliding speed, so the speed skating shoes on the feet of professional athletes are all customized versions, and their hardness is very high, and the average person cannot control them. The reason why the hardness of the shoe becomes so high is because of the carbon fiber inside. So why are Carbon Speed Skates Made in China so popular?



The relationship between carbon fiber and speed skating shoes
In a speed skating shoe, it is divided into four components, the upper shoe, as well as the shoe frame and bearing, and the wheel. Among these four parts, the upper shoes are the shoes we wear on our feet, and the shoes are generally composed of carbon fiber, glass fiber, or mixed woven fabric. Because speed skating shoes are prone to collisions and other situations during use, the choice of materials tends to be tensile and fold-resistant materials. The number of layers of carbon fiber determines the firmness of the shoe. And the speed skating shoes we see every day are nine layers of carbon fiber.



Are speed skating shoes the harder the better?
This is not a decision, just like the shoes we wear on our feet, if they are too hard, it will affect the way we walk. For beginners, if the shoes are too hard, it will affect his mastery of the shoes. But for professionals, the hardness of the shoe is high to be able to complete more movements.



Made in China Carbon Fiber Speed ​​Skating Shoes Quality
The world is developing, China’s manufacturing technology is also constantly improving, and now China’s technology is very mature, so in the professional field of speed skating shoes, the quality of carbon fiber speed skating shoes made in China is also very good. Moreover, customized shoes can be seen on the feet of athletes in our country. These shoes have a memory function, which can gradually adapt to the size of the feet during wearing, creating a more comfortable wearing effect.

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