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How do I know if the size of the roller skates I buy fits my feet?

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The correct size roller skates are a very important part of the purchase process, because the right roller skates will be more comfortable and supportive. Inappropriate skates can cause poor performance, foot pain and lack of desire to skate. Roller skates of the right size will provide better support, enhance power transmission, and be more comfortable when skating. In this guide, we will introduce the correct size roller skates for men, women and children.




(1) General size information of roller skates
Most roller skates fit your standard shoe size. Therefore, if you wear size 8 shoes every day, size 8 skates are suitable. Most skate brands align their skates with popular footwear brands to facilitate size adjustment. The first time you try on skates, you may find that they are too close, but there are some tricks to make sure they are the correct size. The first time you wear roller skates, check the position of your toes; if they barely touch the front of the skate, you will be fine. If your toes are bent or retracted, the skates may be too small. To better explain how well your skates fit after wearing; put on your skates, bend your knees, and put yourself in a skating position. Once in the skating position, you will feel your toes detach from the front of the skate. In this position, you will better understand their fit on skates after multiple uses.





(2) Precautions for choosing skates
The following are some considerations for choosing skates

Check the size of children’s skates:
Put on the new skates and kick your toes forward to the front of the boots while the skates are still loose. Check for gaps behind the heel. If there is a pencil-width area, it is best to leave a little room for growth. You should adjust the pencil width behind the heel to finger width, not more. Because the skates are too big, any extra space will eventually lead to support and comfort issues.

Time to adapt to the feet:
Roller skates take some time to run in. During this time, roller skates will be shaped around your specific foot, which will make you more comfortable and provide you with excellent performance. Roller skates take a while to fully break in, while high-end models may take longer because the boots are harder and the lining is easier to form.




(3) Buy roller skates the width of

Most roller skates only provide the standard width that most skaters consider suitable. Some skates are narrow, medium or wide, but this can only be found on high-end skates. Most skaters will find that standard-width skates are more suitable for their feet, but people with very wide feet may find that the specified width skates are more suitable for their feet.

In short, the ankle part of skates is an important part of supporting body weight. When the practitioner accidentally falls, it must be stiff enough to keep the ankle and calf in a straight line without bending. Reduce this part of the pressure.

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The size of the skates must fit my size, not too big or too small. When trying on skates, loosen all the laces and tighten them one by one. Be sure to determine the appropriate size before buying. Don’t be satisfied. In short, choosing the right skates for yourself is very important. If you need the size of skates, you can contact us.

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