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Ice hockey games are inseparable from ice hockey equipment. Ice hockey equipment mainly includes ice hockey, ice hockey sticks and ice hockey knives.

Ice hockey is the protagonist of ice hockey, and the whole game is based on it. It sounds like a puck should be spherical, but it’s not. According to regulations, ice hockey is an oblate black hard rubber block, of course, it can also be made of materials approved by the International Ice Federation. The ice hockey ball is 2.54 cm thick, 7.62 cm in diameter, and weighs 156 to 170 grams.

Ice hockey sticks are the necessary equipment for ice hockey. They are generally made of wood materials. The carbon sticks born in recent years are lighter and lighter. A small ice hockey stick that can complete complex actions such as ball control, passing, and shooting. The hockey sticks used by goalkeepers and ordinary players are different, mainly because of the size and structure of the handle and blade.


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  • Ice figure skate suppliers manufactures qualified figure skates for athletes
    Ice figure skate suppliers manufactures qualified figure skates for athletes

    Have you ever dreamed that Kwan Ying Shan is like a world-class figure skater like Yevgeny? While a good pair of figure skates won't make up for their dedication, talent or patience, they can give you the edge and support you need to take you to the next level of competition. After all, if you play ice hockey, you don't Bring figure skating. So why use regular or cheap skates if you want to skate? Buying skates is not like buying a pair of sneakers or heels. They are totally different shoes and there are a lot of things you need to consider before buying this pair. We'll walk you through them all. [caption id="attachment_1767" align="aligncenter" width="612"] figure skating sport photo[/caption]   things to consider If you're planning to buy a good pair of Ice figure skates for yourself or your kids, there are a few things you should be aware of. After all, the quality of your skates can make a big difference in how you or your kids perform. 1. Talk to a professional Not much for adults and kids. Before buying a pair of skates, it's a good idea to check with a kid's skating instructor. They can provide you with valuable expertise and feedback to help you move in the right direction. 2. Shoe size When you buy tennis shoes or hiking boots, don't be too tight; you want your feet to breathe. Figure skates are different because of the pattern Skates are too tight and...

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  • Everything to Know Before buy discount Roller Skate
    Everything to Know Before buy discount Roller Skate

    A well-designed pair of skates is very important in roller skating. According to the structure, roller skates can be divided into two categories: double-row skates and single-row skates, and there are many internal classifications of single-row skates, so we will focus on the classification of single-row skates. Grip roller skates The term "figure skating" refers to various difficult jumps, spins and strides on special venues, also known as international figure skating. Casual Skates In terms of leisure, it is generally used for street painting or leisure. It has wheels of the same size and is equipped with a brake on the right heel, emphasizing comfort. roller skating structure Roller skates are composed of wheels, bearings, knife holders, linings, rod buckles, energy bands and other parts. The last parts of it are the shoe body, knife holder, wheels and bearings.     shoe body The hard shell roller skates are compact in design and sturdy materials to ensure long-term use without deformation. Soft shell skates are made of thick material that fits the foot shape and looks sturdy and not easily deformed. Hard shell shoes generally use two kinds of casting molding and split assembly. blade holder High-strength material, firm connection strength. It does not deform and flex. The tool rest is divided into an integrated tool rest and a split test tool rest in form. The one-piece knife holder can completely eliminate deflection, so that the ankle is not injured by sports. But limited by mold cost and production process,...

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  • Looking for Hockey Skate, choose the right partner for your feet
    Looking for Hockey Skate, choose the right partner for your feet

    People who like roller skating will have a certain research on roller skating shoes. Roller skates are divided into many types, including racing, leisure, and skill. Professional hockey skates require comprehensive skills. The purpose of looking for hockey skates is also to choose a suitable partner for your feet. After all, hockey is my passion, and skates are the necessary equipment for my passion. Specialized hockey skate uppers and wheels may not be produced by one manufacturer, because some manufacturers have exclusive advantages in the design of the upper, while some manufacturers have better patents on the design of skates and pulleys. The strong combination between the two is to give athletes a better competitive experience. For those who have hobbies, they can also become comfortable while enjoying their interests. The service life and wear of shoes will also be reduced due to long-term use. At this time, attention should be paid to related maintenance of shoes. Regular replacement of pulleys or upper protective covers are also common maintenance measures. When choosing skates, what everyone should consider is the comfort of their own feet and the flexibility of skates or pulleys. When skating at high speeds, the individual's speed depends on the quality of the skates. In the process, the comfort of the shoes allows the athletes to play their strength without distraction. Moreover, a pair of inappropriate shoes will cause some damage to your feet if you wear them for a long time. This is not the situation that...

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  • China Speed Skate suppliers bring you a different experience
    China Speed Skate suppliers bring you a different experience

    Have you ever worn speed skating shoes? You should have seen them before. The wheels of speed skating shoes are larger than those of roller skates, the knife holder is also longer, and speed skates do not have uppers, speed skates are lighter and more stable than roller skates, and the speed is also fast. However, due to the lack of flexibility, speed skating shoes will not be used to do some extreme sports, such as high-grade fancy braking. Beginners who want to learn roller skating can try this shoe.     When buying speed skating shoes, you will think where to buy them? Everyone must want to buy a pair of cheap and good quality. At this time, everyone will go to the Internet to search and shop around, and then choose to place an order. The result is still unsatisfactory. Have you thought about asking some friends to find a wholesaler? ? We are a supplier specializing in the production of speed skating shoes. We have a strong and advanced R&D team in the industry, which makes our products outstanding in raw materials, production technology and style design. We are also factory direct sales.       How to protect speed skates and make your shoes more durable I often hear friends of roller skating enthusiasts complaining that they are very careful when skating, but some places are still scratched or damaged easily. The life of roller skates is actually three points of technology and seven points of...

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  • china roller hockey skates on sale
    china roller hockey skates on sale

    As the name suggests, roller skating is a series of sports performed on roller skates. Roller skates are divided into double row wheels and single row wheels, which are different in sports, and single row wheels are more popular among Chinese folk roller skates. Which roller skates are better Inline skates tend to provide better ankle support and faster speed, but quad skates are better for overall stability. Inlines are generally easier to learn for beginners, but quads are both highly customizable and better suited for artistic movements like bracing or spinning.     What size skates should I buy? Most skates will fit your shoe size. Of course, as with many sizes, different brands may mean different fits, depending on your foot shape. foot size If you want to double-check your or your child's shoe size, you can do it yourself. We recommend wearing socks when doing this to get a real idea of ​​what size skates you need. Place your heels against a flat wall on a piece of paper and mark the tips of your toes on the paper. Then take a ruler to measure the length. Choose the right size for your child Make sure your child is comfortable while skating. For inline skates with tight ratchets, it's important not to be too tight, as this can create an uncomfortable skating session for your child.  

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  • low price Inline skate
    low price Inline skate

    Low-cost inline skates are very popular now, and many young people like to wear them. Low-cost inline skates are a must-have for ice skating and offer a better skating experience due to their unique design. In addition, low-cost inline skates also have the advantages of wear resistance and durability, and are the best choice for skating enthusiasts. Inline skates usually have a lower price and are the first choice for many people to buy roller skates. In terms of characteristics, inline skates are usually much lighter than traditional skateboards, the sole is thinner, and the shoe body is usually made of lighter materials, so it is more convenient to carry and use. In addition, inline skates generally have smaller wheels than conventional skateboards, so they require less effort when skating. How to use cheap inline skates? Share some experiences below. First of all, low-cost inline skates are suitable for skating enthusiasts, especially beginner skating enthusiasts. Secondly, low-cost inline skates need to be rubbed before use to ensure the smoothness of sliding. If you want to save money and get high-quality direct skateboard roller skates, your best bet is to buy from a domestic supplier. Domestic manufacturers can offer you better prices and quality, and they can also help you save on shipping costs. At present, the popularity of low-cost inline skates is evident. These shoes are great for young people because they are beautiful and cheap.

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  • China Speed Skate manufacturers
    China Speed Skate manufacturers

    Speed ​​skates are usually used for competitions. Speed ​​skates are roller skates, sometimes inline skates, that are specifically designed to move as fast as possible on smooth, level surfaces. When used in competition, speed skates sacrifice agility and precision in favor of speed over relatively long distances. What is the difference between indoor skates and outdoor skates? You can buy roller skates designed for indoor or outdoor skating, but many skaters just swap out the wheels and use them both. If you're buying outdoor skates specifically, boots are generally more durable and have a higher cut, allowing them to withstand rougher surfaces you'll encounter outdoors (like concrete), and provide more ankle support for relatively treacherous terrain. The wheels of outdoor skates are softer than indoor wheels, providing smoother rolling on rough surfaces like sidewalks and streets. They absorb more shock when turning over debris. Indoor skates have harder wheels than outdoor ones.    

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  • china roller hockey skate guide
    china roller hockey skate guide

    A roller hockey skate guide specifically designed for China. This guide offers a variety of roller hockey skate sizes, models, and colors to choose from. With the help of this guide, you will be able to find the perfect roller hockey skate for your needs. Are you looking for a quality roller hockey skate guide? Look no further than the China Roller Hockey Skate Guide. We offer the best selection of hockey skates at the best prices. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, we have the perfect skate for you. Do you want to learn how to roller hockey skate like a pro? Then you need the China Roller Hockey Skate Guide! This comprehensive guide covers everything from choosing the right skate to mastering the basics of the sport. With easy-to-follow instructions and helpful tips, you'll be skating like a champ in no time!

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