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Roller hockey (quads) is played using traditional four-a-side skates, providing players with greater mobility – this results in games full of fancy footwork, tight maneuverability, and more akin to football or basketball.

The skills between each sport complement each other. For example, when you practice hockey, your joystick on the ice will improve. And, as you continue skating on the ice, your roller skating abilities will improve.

How long will the roller skates last?
1 to 20 years. It all depends on the quality of the components, care and maintenance, the type of skating you are skating and how often you are skating. The wheels may be the first to be used, but can be replaced. The key is to clean and maintain your bearings, wheels and other components to help them last longer.
If you want to use roller skating as part of your daily workout, jiayuesport recommends basic strength training 2-3 times per week on top of 2-4 times per week of skating training.
How long should you skate?
Ultimately, it will depend on an individual’s fitness level to determine how long to roller skate in any given session, but the good news is that it doesn’t always have to be very long. You can do a good workout in 10 minutes, but he prefers roller skating for 25-30 minutes, which gives plenty of time to warm up before and cool down after.
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  • יצרן הגליל מסביר את התנועות הבסיסיות של החלקה אמנותית
    יצרן הגליל מסביר את התנועות הבסיסיות של החלקה אמנותית

    Ice figure skate is a sport that places great emphasis on skill. If you want to practice figure skating, you must first master the basic movements of figure skating. The basics of figure skating include raising the heel in place, standing in place, alternating feet in place and standing in place. Only by mastering these basic movements can we begin the difficult practice. Let us learn simple figure skating exercises with you. For the basic movements of figure skating, laying a good foundation is the key! If you want to practice difficult movements, you must first do the following four basic movements: 1. Heel lifted into place Hold the railing, or with the support of your partner, lift up the heels of both feet and one foot, feel the position of the two front wheels and the brake, and maintain a good body balance. 2. Stand in place Hold the railing or with the support of your partner, spread your feet outward into a "eight" shape, slightly bend your legs, your arms will hang down naturally, and your upper body will lean slightly forward, but do not bend your head and look forward. 3. Move your feet back and forth alternately. Hold the railing or stand with your feet parallel to the support of your partner. Move your feet back and forth alternately to experience the position and rolling sensation of the four wheels of your feet. 4. No progress Hold the railing or stand under the support of your...

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  • Stylish summer shoes made by roller skates suppliers
    Stylish summer shoes made by roller skates suppliers

    Roller skates, commonly known as roller skates and roller skates, are a kind of competition item that uses special roller skates as a competition tool, and it is also a daily leisure thing. Most skaters today primarily use inline rollers, also known as brushes. (The nickname for this sport by inline roller skating enthusiasts comes from the sound of the wheels rubbing against the ground in skating, and also calls skates "brushes", and skating on the road is called "brushing").       First of all, look at whether the quality of the roller skates is excellent: the use of roller skates is different from that of personal general-purpose shoes. In special cases, the usage rate of 8 hours a day is several times better than the quality of personal shoes so that irreversible damage will not occur under high frequency use. Low-grade roller skates (skates) generally use inferior bearings and generally only last 10 days to 1 month. The wheels are generally made of PVC material, which is not wear-resistant and does not grip the ground for 1-3 months. A few use domestic PU materials, but the wheels are small and slow. The bottom plate of the bracket is made of inferior recycled material, which is easy to deform and the gap is too large, and the design is unreasonable and it feels laborious and unstable when skating. Skate brakes are particularly not durable and are replaced frequently. Poor upper leather. The sole can tear the shoe easily. The...

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  • ספקי החלקה על קרח מייצרים מחליקים אומנותיים מוסמכים לספורטאים
    ספקי החלקה על קרח מייצרים מחליקים אומנותיים מוסמכים לספורטאים

    Have you ever dreamed that Kwan Ying Shan is like a world-class figure skater like Yevgeny? While a good pair of figure skates won't make up for their dedication, talent or patience, they can give you the edge and support you need to take you to the next level of competition. After all, if you play ice hockey, you don't Bring figure skating. So why use regular or cheap skates if you want to skate? Buying skates is not like buying a pair of sneakers or heels. They are totally different shoes and there are a lot of things you need to consider before buying this pair. We'll walk you through them all. [caption id="attachment_1767" align="aligncenter" width="612"] figure skating sport photo[/caption]   things to consider If you're planning to buy a good pair of Ice figure skates for yourself or your kids, there are a few things you should be aware of. After all, the quality of your skates can make a big difference in how you or your kids perform. 1. Talk to a professional Not much for adults and kids. Before buying a pair of skates, it's a good idea to check with a kid's skating instructor. They can provide you with valuable expertise and feedback to help you move in the right direction. 2. Shoe size When you buy tennis shoes or hiking boots, don't be too tight; you want your feet to breathe. Figure skates are different because of the pattern Skates are too tight and...

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  • מחליקי פחמן מיוצרים בסין עוזרים לספורטאים בכל תהילה
    מחליקי פחמן מיוצרים בסין עוזרים לספורטאים בכל תהילה

    There is a saying that only the feet know whether shoes fit. In daily life, if the shoes we wear don't fit the feet, they will feel uncomfortable and even cause damage to the feet. For speed skaters, if the shoes on their feet are not suitable, it will directly affect their training. The Carbon Speed Skates Made in China use advanced 3D printing technology combined with the characteristics of carbon fiber to create shoes that are more suitable for athletes. The carbon content in carbon fiber has reached more than 90%. Moreover, it is a high-strength and high-modulus fiber, whose main characteristic is high temperature resistance, which is the best among all chemical fiber products. And such materials are the materials of choice for the manufacture of aerospace technology equipment. Now the use of carbon fiber is gradually increasing, and the biggest feature of products made of carbon fiber is that it is solid and durable. Therefore, the speed skating shoes made of carbon fiber in the athletes' high-intensity training have a longer service life and can accompany the athletes in every game. The speed skating process mainly reflects the strength of the athlete’s legs and the degree of tacit understanding with the shoes. Therefore, carbon fiber plus 3D printing technology analyzes the athlete’s footstep data to produce shoes that fit the footsteps. In the process, gradually grind into the best partner. Only in the game can play a better role. The products made in China are worthy of recognition in...

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  • cheap Speed Skate
    cheap Speed Skate

    Speed skating is a thrilling sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, cheap speed skates are a great way to get in on the action. These affordable skates provide the same level of excitement as more expensive models, and they're perfect for anyone on a budget. So don't wait any longer – get your cheap speed skates today! Speed skating is a thrilling sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, speed skating is a great way to get some exercise and have some fun. And now, thanks to cheap speed skates, you can enjoy this exciting sport without breaking the bank. Cheap speed skates are perfect for beginners or for those who are just looking for a casual skate. They are also a great option for those who are on a budget. With cheap speed skates, you can get the same joy and excitement as you would with more expensive skates, without spending a fortune. So if you are looking for a great way to get some exercise and have some fun, be sure to check Cheap speed skates can provide the same joy as their more expensive counterparts without breaking the bank. With a variety of colors and styles to choose from, finding the perfect set of cheap speed skates is easy. Durable and built for speed, these skates are perfect for anyone looking to have...

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  • adults Roller Skate
    adults Roller Skate

    Whether you're looking to excel in roller skating, break speed skating records, or simply become a recreational skater, it's imperative to find roller skates that optimize your performance. Make your skates comfortable The first step in learning (or relearning) to skate is to simply train your body how to move when you have wheels. The quickest way to achieve this is to put on your skates at home, whether or not your house has something suitable for skating. Even if all your floors are carpeted, you'll know where to put your weight on your feet when you're walking around. Maybe you find yourself suddenly standing up from your chair. And when you're wearing skates in tight spaces, like washing dishes in the kitchen, you'll find all kinds of ways to turn and steer the wheels while still. All of these skills will serve you well when you move to the ice rink, dance floor, or street. Either type can start, and I won't judge you if you choose your skates based on what looks cutest. Just a caveat: While it's usually a good idea to buy the cheapest option first and upgrade as you wear out or exceed its capabilities, you want to make sure you're not going too cheap.

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  • china indoor inline skate 
    china indoor inline skate 

    Playing roller skating requires a lot of careful preparation, from mental to complete. Because the equipment used cannot be said to be cheap. Roller skates are shoes or shoe-fit bindings that, when worn, allow the wearer to roll on wheels. The first roller skates were actually skates that used wheels instead of blades. Later "quad" style skates became more popular, which consisted of four wheels in the same configuration as a typical car. Ultimately, roller skating went from a mere pastime to a competitive sport; speed skating, roller skating competitions, and inline figure skating are very similar to the games at the Olympics on ice.

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  • China Skate accessories supplier
    China Skate accessories supplier

    Roller hockey (also called quad hockey, inline hockey, or skater hockey) is a two-team sport that can be played indoors and outdoors while roller skating. Participants must use their hockey sticks to drive the ball to the opponent’s goalpost in this game. The respective goalies prevent the opposing team’s players from scoring by protecting the goal post. At the end of the game time, the team that scores the most goals wins the game. It can be perplexing for someone new to the sport, considering it has three names. For example, in the United States, roller (quad) hockey was known as “hardball hockey”

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