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Είτε οι τροχοί των Roller skates είναι μεγάλοι ή μικροί

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Roller skates are the most popular sport because they can exercise people’s balance ability. When it comes to roller skates, the choice of roller skates is particularly important, but many people are always entangled in buying large wheels or small wheels when buying skates. Are the wheels of the skates good or small when they are big? What is the difference between the size of roller skates and wheels? Let’s take a look together.

Whether the wheels of roller skates are big or small depends on how you use them. The small wheel is suitable for pattern sports, and the big wheel is suitable for street scrubbing. In addition, because the big wheels are easy to exert force, it is easier to use the big wheels in some difficult flat-spending sports, and the big wheels are fast.

Due to the uneven quality of roller skates on the market, we must pay more attention when buying. First, determine what type of roller skating you want to play and how long you want to play. If you just want to slip away for a few days without playing, you can buy that kind of casual shoes. The shoe holder is very long and the shoe itself is very soft. The advantage is to stand firm. In the early stage, this shoe is softer than sports shoes and feels softer. The disadvantage is that the shelf is long, low in strength, and not easy to rotate. At the same time, once the shelf is struck, it will deform. After wearing it for a few days, I felt my feet on the upper and the sole turned to the outside. If you want to have more fun, you can not only run circles, sweep the streets, but also step on the brakes and buy at least a pair of flat shoes.


Κίνα Κατασκευαστές καλλιτεχνικών πατινιών πάγου
Most of the roller skates sold on the market are divided into big wheels and small wheels, and the reason for this difference is apart from being able to distinguish the size. The difference in usage consciousness is more obvious. This big wheel will not shake your feet when brushing the street. The method of generating sliding acceleration and force is different from that of small wheels. The big wheel has a fast sliding speed, and the small wheel is suitable for flat flowers and extremes. Jump up and land. The small wheel has a better grasp of the center of gravity and is more stable than the big wheel.

But the question is how to choose among so many roller skate suppliers. No matter what, the most important thing is to choose the one that suits you and makes your feet feel the most comfortable.

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