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You are familiar with inline skates. You usually see them on ice skating rinks or walking on the street, but do you know how many parts are roller skates? The following is the inline skates manufacturer to tell you.
How many parts do roller skates have?
It is mainly divided into upper shoes and lower shoes. The upper shoes are mainly the shoe body, and the shoe body includes the shoe shell, brake pads, inner bladder and so on. The lower shoe is mainly the part of the wheel, and the wheel includes the wheel itself, the bearing, the piercing nail, the knife holder and so on.

1. Upper shoe part
Shoe shell: The shoe shell of roller skates has a certain impact resistance, which can protect the feet. Generally, there are two types: one has a shoe buckle, and the other is tying shoelaces. Shoes with shoelaces are more close to the foot, but they are more troublesome to put on and take off. Shoes with shoe buckles are more convenient to wear. Generally better inline skates are designed with straps and buckles. General inline skates have inner boots, which can be used to cushion the friction between the foot and the shoe shell, protect your feet, and prevent the skin from scratching and blistering. A good shoe body should be strong enough, and the sponge should be thick and dense enough. Having a pair of comfortable shoes can make you more comfortable to wear.




2. Lower shoe part

Tool holder: The tool holder is divided into various models, and different types of tool holders are designed in different shapes. The hollow design is to reduce the weight of the roller skates and has a certain aesthetics, but when designing the tool holder, the main consideration is the stress of the tool holder. The knife holder is fixed on the shoe body by bottom nails. Tool holders with different lengths and holes are suitable for different roller skating projects. For example, the three-wheeled short turret is used for speed staking, while the long turret is suitable for speed roller skating. The knife holder is also divided into a flat rack and a banana rack. Flat frame refers to the installation of wheels of the same size, with all four wheels touching the ground at the same time. This configuration is called a flat wheel configuration. Flat wheel configuration provides good stability during sliding. For the banana clip, only the two middle wheels touch the ground. Of course, the small wheels at both ends and the big ones in the middle can also be mounted on a flat frame to configure a banana wheel configuration. Banana wheels will be less stable, but they are highly flexible and are often used for grading work.




Wheels: Wheels consist of wheel meat and hubs. Poor wheel design is prone to breakage during high-intensity skating action, and the risk is extremely high. Different types of wheels on the market now have the same hub design. Different models of wheels are also very different. Soft wheels have some grip and are suitable for fancy piling projects, and hard wheels are more suitable for braking projects because it is easier to float far away. Of course, it must have some wear resistance, whether soft or hard. The wheels are fixed to the tool holder by nails and bearings.
Bearings: Bearings are also divided into various types. Generally speaking, the original bearings of novice shoes have low precision, mainly in terms of speed, durability, sealing and so on. Good bearings cost a few hundred dollars, while industrial bearings on the market are cheap. Bearing use: Insert the hub on both sides of the bearing, place the flying saucer in the middle, and fix it on the tool holder with nails.

The above is the introduction of inline skates. If you want to buy inline skates, you can kontaktiere uns. We specialize in providing you with quality products.

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