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Wie können Sie Ihr Rollschuhlaufen besser üben?

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Not only is roller skating a great sport, but it’s also an excellent way to burn fat. However, recreational skating is different from exercising on roller skates.
Roller skating takes hours of practice, learning skills, and improving standing posture. However, the key to learning roller skating better is understanding the basics and getting them right.
So, how should you practice roller skating better? You should note that balance is the key to roller skating. Therefore, if you want to get better, you must first practice your balance skills.
Again, you have to remember that the scale moves from top to bottom. In other words, your body follows your head. So you have to focus on keeping your upper body balanced, and if you fail, your lower body will follow.
Another very important thing, especially for beginners, is that you control the balance on the side you use. This means that if you want to stand on your left foot, you should focus on your left shoulder and left hand, and vice versa. You are free to move the other leg or hand any way you like.



Here are some basic skills of roller skating. to increase your interest in roller skating.
The main tip for beginners in roller skating is to maintain proper form. Without proper posture, no skill will work effectively and you may end up feeling stressed and fatigued with no results. Follow the roller skating rules when practicing the following motor skills.
Always skate with a lighter stomach. Roller skating may put some pressure on your stomach. Therefore, you should prefer exercising on a light stomach. Although you don’t need to be completely fasting. Before putting on skates, you should be well hydrated to avoid dehydration and cramps.



Ice skating in a cool environment. Cool air is essential, as the wind that’s often in your face during skating can dehydrate you faster. If you live in a desolate area or a place with hot winds, you should prefer skating indoors.
Do a short warm-up before skating. A few rounds of cardio or jogging may help stretch the major muscles before skating. Stiff muscles are more prone to injury. The previous exercise allows your muscles to react quickly when skating.
1. Avoid weight skating, especially if you are a beginner. Don’t carry anything extra while skating, as negatives can affect your weight distribution, distort your posture, and force your muscles to constantly adjust. Such frequent weight transfers can cause serious injury.

2. Avoid steep hills as they can cause you to lose balance and control, resulting in crashes and serious injuries.
Do not skate on wet surfaces without much skating experience, as they are usually slippery. You could end up losing control and crashing badly.
Do not overbend. Many skaters are afraid to bend forward when moving fast. This exercise can create a V-pose that puts too much pressure on the spine and knees.
Stop practicing quickly. When you’re sliding faster, it’s often hard to stop. It can get you into trouble when you’re skating at the ice rink or on the road with fellow skaters your age. Even before you start speed skating training, learn to brake in time without crashing.
Don’t rush to learn. Don’t try to go too early. Determine your physical limits before mastering new challenging skills. Follow a daily exercise program to improve muscular endurance and strength.

3. Avoid low-cut boots. Instead, look for a sturdy four-wheel layout with proper lacing and shoulder straps.
Now that you know the basic precautions you should follow for better rollerblading, it’s time to understand the basic exercise routine to improve your skills.

Basic Workout for Beginners for Better Roller Skating: 1-2 Hour Routine



Here are simple and effective workout routines for beginners that will help improve their roller skating skills, according to the pros. You can try the suggested exercises or durations to find what works best for you.
To fully hydrate and do a small cardio workout, you can skate around the house or at home for about five minutes. This exercise will help prepare your muscles for roller skating training. Also, it will check if your blade is working properly.
Go to a straight section with no obstacles or straight out of a starting point without traffic. Write down how far you can move in 20 seconds. You can even practice with a fitness tracker.
Hold the top speed for about 15-20 seconds. No matter how fast you are skating, make sure you maintain the correct form. Watch out for any oncoming traffic. Professionals call this technology flat-race play. It helps strengthen your obliques and abs.

This is a fun and interesting sport that is also conducive to exercising. Don’t hurry to buy a pair. We are a roller skates manufacturer, and we are a strong and advanced R&D team in the industry. Its design concept, development, industrial production, production process, and product quality stand out in the industry.

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