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Choose China Speed Skate to make you have a better performance

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“I can’t take part in the Olympics in person,” said Wang Yang, a skate maker who once had short boots. “I hope the Chinese athletes who wear the skates or skates I made for them can take home the gold medal.”
We also continue his mission to make skates comfortable for athletes. Roller skating is a fashionable and time-honored sport. We are a China Speed Skate manufacturer Let us take you to know about speed skating shoes.

Speed ​​skates have larger wheels and longer knife holders than roller skates, and speed skates have no uppers.
Speed ​​skates are lighter, more stable, and faster than roller skates. However, due to the lack of flexibility, speed skating shoes will not be used to do some extreme sports, such as high-grade fancy braking.




Foot shoes
The characteristics of short-track speed skating determine that athletes must respond quickly to the form on the field, which requires athletes to have extremely wrapped shoes as “weapons” for training competitions. Obviously, shoes that are generally suitable for the public cannot satisfy athletes. needs. At present, the shoes worn by the players of the national team are generally hand-made carbon fiber foot shoes, which not only makes the athletes more comfortable but also the material is lighter and harder, which can help the athletes maintain the sliding angle better. This kind of shoe generally has a long production cycle.

Speed ​​skaters need to be able to do one thing and only one thing – run! These athletes use skates designed for fast-forward motion. The skates are made of lightweight, durable and flexible materials that allow the feet to move in a natural running position on the ice
The blade is longer and extends well beyond the boot. When skaters start the game, they put their front feet into the ice and use their back feet to push them away. The blades allow athletes to stay upright on cold, slippery surfaces as they race on tracks with curving ends. These skates use blades that cut grooves in the slide so the skates can slide properly—sliding with a thin blade, rather than the width needed for a figure skating blade, creates less friction. The greater the surface area in contact with the blades, the greater the friction. The greater the friction, the slower the speed.



Figure Skating and Short Track Speed ​​Skating
Figure skating and short track speed skating use the same rink, but the actual ice surface is very different.
For short-track speed skating, the thickness of the ice is usually between 3.5 and 4.5 cm. When the same rink is used for figure skating, the ice surface will be slightly thicker, 4.5 to 5 cm thick. Figure skating temperatures between 24-29 degrees Fahrenheit will also be slightly higher than speed skating temperatures between 22-26 degrees Fahrenheit.
Figure skating’s slightly warmer, thicker ice softens the ice, which makes it easier for the figure skater to get into the ice when jumping and spinning. This also increases friction and slows the skater down a bit since speed isn’t as important as it is in competition.



long track speed skating
Ice surfaces used for long track speed skating are built for speed. This ice is colder than figure skating and short-track speed skating. This is the thinnest ice used in skating. The runway is 400 meters long and 13 meters wide, but only 2.5 to 3 centimeters thick.
Ice temperatures for long track speed skating are typically between 15.8 and 23°F. Almost sharp speed skates have little friction because they can’t penetrate as deep into the cold, hard ice as a figure or hockey skates. This allows the athlete to gain very fast speeds during the race.
Long track speed skaters can often exceed 30 miles per hour! This is because the skater spends most of the time accelerating on the ice rather than stopping and starting.
We all make different shoes according to the skating rink design so that athletes can perform better on the field. To know how we make it, follow our official website (http://jiayuesport.com) or contact us immediately.

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