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Roller hockey (also called quad hockey, inline hockey, or skater hockey) is a two-team sport that can be played indoors and outdoors while roller skating. Participants must use their hockey sticks to drive the ball to the opponent’s goalpost in this game. The respective goalies prevent the opposing team’s players from scoring by protecting the goal post. At the end of the game time, the team that scores the most goals wins the game.

It can be perplexing for someone new to the sport, considering it has three names. For example, in the United States, roller (quad) hockey was known as “hardball hockey”

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  • china roller hockey skate quote
    china roller hockey skate quote

    Roller hockey (quads) is played using traditional four-a-side skates, providing players with greater mobility - this results in games full of fancy footwork, tight maneuverability, and more akin to football or basketball. The skills between each sport complement each other. For example, when you practice hockey, your joystick on the ice will improve. And, as you continue skating on the ice, your roller skating abilities will improve. How long will the roller skates last? 1 to 20 years. It all depends on the quality of the components, care and maintenance, the type of skating you are skating and how often you are skating. The wheels may be the first to be used, but can be replaced. The key is to clean and maintain your bearings, wheels and other components to help them last longer. If you want to use roller skating as part of your daily workout, jiayuesport recommends basic strength training 2-3 times per week on top of 2-4 times per week of skating training. How long should you skate? Ultimately, it will depend on an individual's fitness level to determine how long to roller skate in any given session, but the good news is that it doesn't always have to be very long. You can do a good workout in 10 minutes, but he prefers roller skating for 25-30 minutes, which gives plenty of time to warm up before and cool down after.

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  • Ladies Ice figure skate
    Ladies Ice figure skate

    Looking for an easy-to-use Ladies' Ice figure skate? Look no further than the Lady's Ice figure skate from our company. This skate is perfect for those just starting out, with a simple design that makes it easy to get on and off. Plus, the skate is made with high-quality materials that will keep you skating in style. Looking for an easy-to-use Ladies' Ice figure skate? Look no further than the Ladies Ice figure skate by our company. This skate is perfect for beginner ice skaters with its easy-to-use design. Looking for a figure skate that is easy to use? Ladies Ice has you covered! Our figure skates are perfect for anyone just starting out. They are also great for experienced skaters who are looking for a quick and easy way to get on the ice. Looking for a skating experience that is easy to use? Ladies Ice figure is perfect for you! Our figure skate is perfect for beginner skaters and those who are looking for a leisurely skate around the rink. With our comfortable design, you'll be able to enjoy your time on the ice without worrying about your skates.

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  • Roller Skate manufacturers in China
    Roller Skate manufacturers in China

    Roller skating has long been -- and has been -- a popular pastime, but as many roller skate makers say, the sport has grown even more so among people confined to rooms or confined by the COVID-19 pandemic for the past two years. Universal year. Maniacs of all ages see this hobby as a safer way to get out. Whether you're a newbie looking to get in on the fun or looking to upgrade the roller skates you already own, quad roller skates are suitable for all levels and budgets, and there are styles and new models from many brands for you. Choose to choose from. Also, you don't need enough open space to practice skating because your hallway or kitchen floor can also be used for skating practice. If you are a novice, you can follow our website and we will recommend the Roller Skate that suits you.  

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  • Roller Skate suppliers
    Roller Skate suppliers

    How many calories does roller skating burn? If you're a skilled enough skater to maintain a certain strenuous pace, this sport definitely burns calories. What's more, roller skating provides benefits beyond just burning calories. The improved balance and core stability it provides can impact full body comfort. Its low-impact properties make it gentler on your joints than other vigorous forms of exercise. Plus, it can even improve your flexibility and mind-body connection if you're practicing some techniques or skills. Roller skating burns about the same number of calories as moderate exercise on a group bike or rowing machine. Other benefits of skating include improved balance and core stability, which may reduce low back pain. How do I choose my first roller skates? It is important that the skates fit your feet securely, neither too tight nor too loose. For some, this means choosing the same size as their regular shoe size, while for others, going up sizing provides the right fit. As a first-time buyer, we recommend going one size up.

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  • Where is the value of roller skates liked by children?
    Where is the value of roller skates liked by children?

    The popular value of roller skates reflects that roller skating is a sport with entertainment and leisure functions. At the same time, it also has the advantage of strong appreciation. It is also one of the important events in international sports competitions. The rise of roller skating has led to the development of many industries related to roller skating, but if some companies promote the innovative development of roller skating in China, Then let's talk about the pulleys of roller skating manufacturers-daily skating is a complicated process. We need to develop children's roller skates that can tie their shoes in a few seconds according to the children's exercise habits. The "slacking turnbuckle" system can fasten the shoelace within a few seconds by rotating the turnbuckle, and the baby can put on and take off the roller skates by himself, making the movement easier. The skates also support the tablet/leisure mode, accompany the baby from beginner to competition, improve the baby's balance ability in skating, and promote the development of the cerebellum. Skates are highly praised by many consumers for their excellent quality, complete functions and unique style. The integrated professional-grade tool holder with pulleys can bear 100 kg more than the ordinary tool holder. The unique slide structure makes the tool holder more supportive, and the strong pressure will not deviate from the edge, making the children's movement safer. The free wheel locking rubber plug can fix the wheel and prevent the wheel from sliding, making it easier for beginners...

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  • Jiayue Inline Skate Factory
    Jiayue Inline Skate Factory

    You are familiar with inline skates. You usually see them on ice skating rinks or walking on the street, but do you know how many parts are roller skates? The following is the inline skates manufacturer to tell you. How many parts do roller skates have? It is mainly divided into upper shoes and lower shoes. The upper shoes are mainly the shoe body, and the shoe body includes the shoe shell, brake pads, inner bladder and so on. The lower shoe is mainly the part of the wheel, and the wheel includes the wheel itself, the bearing, the piercing nail, the knife holder and so on. 1. Upper shoe part Shoe shell: The shoe shell of roller skates has a certain impact resistance, which can protect the feet. Generally, there are two types: one has a shoe buckle, and the other is tying shoelaces. Shoes with shoelaces are more close to the foot, but they are more troublesome to put on and take off. Shoes with shoe buckles are more convenient to wear. Generally better inline skates are designed with straps and buckles. General inline skates have inner boots, which can be used to cushion the friction between the foot and the shoe shell, protect your feet, and prevent the skin from scratching and blistering. A good shoe body should be strong enough, and the sponge should be thick and dense enough. Having a pair of comfortable shoes can make you more comfortable to wear.     2. Lower...

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  • Teach you how to find your own speed skating shoes
    Teach you how to find your own speed skating shoes

    Are you also looking for speed skates? How to choose your own speed skating shoes? What are speed skating shoes A speed skate is a type of skate designed to get the skater moving quickly. They have a low-top ankle boot that offers a wider range of motion than high-top skates. The speed skates we sell also come with wheels and bearings that are designed for slippery surfaces, allowing skaters to move fast. Speed ​​roller skates are commonly used at indoor ice rinks.     Most of the body of the speed roller skates is made of glass fiber or carbon fiber, mainly to reduce weight and provide good support. In addition to support, flexibility is also required, so the design of the shoe shaft of speed shoes is the lowest among all types of skates. However, because the shoe body is hard, many people are not used to wearing it, and even suffer from foot pain or blisters. This is because the position of each person's ankle is different and the shoes they buy do not fit very well. Another feature of the wheels for speed shoes is that the shape is relatively flat and pointed, which is designed to reduce the friction with the ground.       When practicing roller skating, if you are about to fall, how can you protect yourself? Learning roller skating, wrestling injury is inevitable, our coach said, wrestling is to improve, prove that you have achieved the limit of this action. When...

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  • Leather figure skate manufacturer good shoes with the right person
    Leather figure skate manufacturer good shoes with the right person

    What figure skating is is that ordinary people work hard to maintain their balance on the ice or are able to move in one direction. Figure skating is a variety of actions that can be made on the ice, making the entire skating process an art for more people to appreciate. While figure skating shoes are manufactured by many different manufacturers, the choice of leather figure skate manufacturers also determines whether the shoes in the hands of consumers are what they want. When choosing figure skating shoes, the first thing to consider is not which brand the shoes belong to, but whether the shoes are suitable for your feet. Consider the thickness, hardness and leather of the shoe. And how hard the skates are to choose according to their skating level. Adult skates are very hard, because if you want to do some hard movements, you must ensure the stability of the shoes, and he can support himself when landing.   There are also great requirements for the leather on figure skating shoes, which must have a certain degree of cold resistance and a certain degree of elasticity, and be able to withstand external impacts. Has a long service life; especially in the training process of athletes, leather on the one hand can ensure the comfort of wearing shoes, on the other hand, it must also play a certain degree of protection. The skates chosen by professional athletes all need to be customized. For our daily use, we also need...

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