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Roller hockey (quads) is played using traditional four-a-side skates, providing players with greater mobility – this results in games full of fancy footwork, tight maneuverability, and more akin to football or basketball.

The skills between each sport complement each other. For example, when you practice hockey, your joystick on the ice will improve. And, as you continue skating on the ice, your roller skating abilities will improve.

How long will the roller skates last?
1 to 20 years. It all depends on the quality of the components, care and maintenance, the type of skating you are skating and how often you are skating. The wheels may be the first to be used, but can be replaced. The key is to clean and maintain your bearings, wheels and other components to help them last longer.
If you want to use roller skating as part of your daily workout, jiayuesport recommends basic strength training 2-3 times per week on top of 2-4 times per week of skating training.
How long should you skate?
Ultimately, it will depend on an individual’s fitness level to determine how long to roller skate in any given session, but the good news is that it doesn’t always have to be very long. You can do a good workout in 10 minutes, but he prefers roller skating for 25-30 minutes, which gives plenty of time to warm up before and cool down after.
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