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Visible equipment for hockey players includes skates, socks, shorts, gloves, sweaters, helmets, mouthguards, and sticks. Less obvious but equally important are the shoulder, chest, hip, groin, and leg protectors are worn under the uniform.

The club is typically a composite material—such as graphite and fiberglass—and is designed in various lengths and stiffnesses, with the blades further customized with curves and inclinations. The discs are vulcanized (heated and hardened) rubber discs one inch thick and three inches in diameter.

A hockey team sends six players at a time: the center, the left and right wings, two defensemen, and a goalie. The goalie guards his own net while others alternately help him defend the net or try to get the puck into the net guarded by the opposing goalkeeper.

The hockey field—a rectangle with rounded corners to keep the puck moving—is separated by various lines. In the 200-foot NHL rink, a red centerline bisects the rink, while a blue line 25 feet away creates a neutral zone between the blue lines. The red line near the end of the rink is the respective goal line – the line between the bars of the net that the puck must cross to score.

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