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Teach you how to start roller skating
What advice do you have on how to start roller skating and roller skating? Is one easier to learn than the other?
The first suggestion is to actually want it! No matter what your source of power is. Whether it’s a quad or an inline, the first thing you’ll learn is a safe position: set up your gaze, shin crush rollers, start shifting your weight in a V shape with your feet, and take the first step, which will gradually turn into a skate push. Then there’s ground reception, often called “falling,” and getting back up. You have to downplay it and accept it. That way it won’t be so painful!

How can we train these muscles and improve balance/coordination while skating?
Proprioceptive exercises and stretching are great ways to build muscle and improve balance and coordination. All single foot balance series can be done without roller skates: at home, on the bus or subway, on skateboards, on mats or specific boards; tiptoes, squats, jumps and tiptoes Toe to the ground; increased duration and frequency… the possibilities are endless. Mental visualization of movement also allows for better memory and integration into the body, which will help with coordination during practice.

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