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In good condition When your figure skates are just sharpened, there are several qualities that make them feel good while skating.

Smooth the edges even and file to a point – well, two points and a U-shaped hollow in the middle

The edge has a grip or “bite” on both sides of the blade

No rust, residue or goo on guards in the hollow of the blade or on the side of the edge

The worst thing you can do is buy skates that are the same size as your regular shoes because the sizes don’t match. Typically, shoes are a bit longer than skates because they require more flexibility.

That’s why the first thing you need to do is measure the length of your feet. It’s something they offer at any ice skating shop, but you can also easily do it at home.

To measure your feet for skates at home, you’ll need a tape measure, a pen, and a clean piece of paper. It must be done on hard surfaces wearing socks used for skating.

Step 1. Hold the paper against the wall.

Step 2. Place your feet on the paper with your heels against the wall.

Step 3. On the paper, draw a straight line at the end of the big toe.

Step 4. Do the same with the other foot.

Step 5. Using a tape measure, measure the length from the end where your heel is to the mark you made. Now that you’ve measured your feet, you can find out which figure skate size to get (remember, size charts vary by brand).

Important info if you’re buying skates for kids: A lot of parents make the mistake of buying skates that are too big for their kids (thinking they’ll eventually grow up). I do not recommend buying skates that are more than half their actual size.

Yes, changing skates every year or a year and a half will cost money as your child’s feet grow, but in the long run, you will at least avoid unnecessary foot problems and injuries. Skating on oversized figure skates is very uncomfortable as it causes the heel to move inside the boot and also slows down the learning process.

The ideal fit for a figure skating boot is one where you can squeeze half of your index finger behind your heel. If you can fit a full finger and have extra space, it means the skates are too big. If you can’t fit it in at all, the boot is probably too small.

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