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Waar is die waarde van rolskaatse waarvan kinders hou?

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The popular value of roller skates reflects that roller skating is a sport with entertainment and leisure functions. At the same time, it also has the advantage of strong appreciation. It is also one of the important events in international sports competitions. The rise of roller skating has led to the development of many industries related to roller skating, but if some companies promote the innovative development of roller skating in China, Then let’s talk about the pulleys of roller skating manufacturers-daily skating is a complicated process.

China Ice figure skate

We need to develop children’s roller skates that can tie their shoes in a few seconds according to the children’s exercise habits. The “slacking turnbuckle” system can fasten the shoelace within a few seconds by rotating the turnbuckle, and the baby can put on and take off the roller skates by himself, making the movement easier. The skates also support the tablet/leisure mode, accompany the baby from beginner to competition, improve the baby’s balance ability in skating, and promote the development of the cerebellum. Skates are highly praised by many consumers for their excellent quality, complete functions and unique style. The integrated professional-grade tool holder with pulleys can bear 100 kg more than the ordinary tool holder. The unique slide structure makes the tool holder more supportive, and the strong pressure will not deviate from the edge, making the children’s movement safer.

The free wheel locking rubber plug can fix the wheel and prevent the wheel from sliding, making it easier for beginners to grasp the balance-its highly elastic stretchable pad and memory mesh breathable pad. The middle part is made of highly elastic material, which automatically fits the shape of the child’s growing foot, without the need to grind the foot, and is more comfortable. Combined with detachable design, cleaning is more convenient. The cool Pu luminous wheel has high elasticity, abrasion resistance and burst resistance, which can effectively reduce the impact of high-intensity actions on the feet, and at the same time effectively play a comfortable shock absorption effect.

You can buy a pair of Chinese customized roller skates for your child to make learning easy and happy, and become a part of childhood memory.

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