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Die keuse van rolskaats is jou somerplan

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July is a hot summer and summer vacation is approaching. What are you thinking about? If you haven’t thought about it, you can choose roller skating. Roller skating is not only a great way to keep fit, but also an excellent choice for weight loss. How to choose roller skates as a beginner? Let’s chat together.
How to choose roller skates for beginners
Roller skating shoes are quite different from ordinary shoes, so many people are stumped on how to choose roller skating shoes. There are certain differences in the criteria for selecting roller skates and general shoes.



Your own roller skates. For beginners, roller skating shoes of the right size are very important, otherwise, it will affect the correct mastery of technical movements, and cause injury accidents. In addition, beginners should not pursue high-end roller skating shoes one-sidedly. First, they should choose their own roller skating shoes according to their economic bearing capacity. The third is to confirm whether the quality of the selected roller skates has passed the test, which is the premise of ensuring safety.

Correct technical guidance. To learn any kind of knowledge, basic knowledge is the most important, just like the foundation of a building. It can be directly guided by the people in the meeting, and it would be better if there is a professional coach to guide the practice.

necessary security measures. Safety is the first priority in doing anything. Therefore, for beginners, safety protective gear is essential, mainly including: wrist, elbow and knee pads. Under the protection of these shoes, learn roller skating. The risk is almost zero.




shoe selection essentials

1 When choosing roller skates, pay attention to details such as the jacket, wheel frame, wheels, bearings, boots and buckles of the shoes.

2 When choosing a wheel frame, pay attention to whether the connection between the upper and the sole is firm, whether the connection between the wheel frame and the wheel plate is tight, and there should be no gaps. The wheel frame must be located in the center of the sole, otherwise it will be difficult to complete difficult movements.

3 The bearings on the wheels determine the flexibility of the shoe. A good bearing should be very smooth.

4 A good shaft looks delicate and delicate in workmanship.

The above is the introduction of shoes, I hope you can choose a good pair of roller skates for a pleasant holiday.
Finally we are a roller skates manufacturer, follow us for more information.

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